FINALLY got back to work enough to finish all the gen 2 sketches!! Here’s a small Lugia done while I was trying to decide what pose to actually draw it in.

someone was like “draw a centaur day” and I took the liberty of adding “exaggerated anatomy curly dappled ginger” between “draw a” and “centaur”

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♕ Sarah's Ellie

Really quick drawing that does no justice to Sarah’s gorgeous stylish character!!


””“20 minute”“” art trade with Ginny!! Of Dorodraws’ Aladdin genderbend cause uh. dang. dang.

u posted that flight rising fanart and i didn't know what it was so i looked it up and joined and played for three hours whoops

AH. Yeah. It’ll do that. I’m sorry/you’re welcome, in equal parts (y)

If anyone else wants to inherit this terrible curse, Flight Rising is a dragon breeding petsite with great art and community that is currently open for registration! If you’re at all interested you might want to sign up now, the window closes in about an hour!! Last time they closed registration it didn’t open up again for like 6 months.

If you wanna add me on there, my un is Clouded! I’m not super active but. :)

Here are some of my dragons because I can.

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First post from my new laptop! \*_*/

Getting back to work after taking a week break is…tough. I thought I’d “warm up” by doing some flight rising fan art but now it is 11:30 and I wanted to be in bed by 12. hm. hhhhmmmmmmmmm.

I always have a hard time nailing down a design for Qandisa (the top one) cause she was a gift and anything less than The Greatest Design Ever will be a travesty.


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