Here is a little pink lemonade themed belated birthday art for chaos7 because she’s the BEST

More geekiarchy updates! *__* 
We’re halfway through the donation period and a liiittle under halfway to our goal, so if you haven’t checked out the campaign yet, now would be a great time! And if you already have, shares are so so helpful <3

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Lost a kitag to cloudedart for the 845089th time 8I

some mornings I am greeted by a face that makes me really question whether I should be happy about being able to work in my pjs

YO, commissions are still open! 5 slots left.Turnaround on these is 1-3 days <3 I’ve been so pleased with the characters I’ve been given to draw so far! Gimme more great OCS *_*


HELLO FRIENDS, time for another installment of “please trade me your dollars”!

As you might remember I recently invested in a rather large and dangerous tablet, and as much as I love it unconditionally, it’s time for it to earn its keep.

Here are some examples (starring Ginny’s characters!)

Half-figure, simple cel shading.

This time, I’m offering free 5x7 prints with your commission! You just have to provide me with a shipping address and I’ll have a print sent to you.

I can also send 8x10 prints, but those will come with an extra $2.00 fee.

My commission process is pretty straightforward! But if you’re interested in my full terms of service, here is a page with everything spelled out.

Extra stuff:

  • I take payment up front! Payment must be completed and confirmed before I can begin.
  • I’m only doing this kind of image this time around, to keep things simple! But I can add additional characters (doing so will double the cost, though!)
  • Feel free to message me on tumblr with questions or requests, but if you want to be absolutely certain your message reaches me, my email is the best option.

Thanks for looking guys!! Even if you’re not interested, I really really appreciate any read throughs/reblogs/etc. <3!

Let me know if you’re interested!

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Commission for Chaos of her moth man ! And a bunch of off model lookin’ sketches, because I love you (Chaos, but I also probably love anyone reading this)

A couple more commissions!

Some commissions I’ve done!

→"Meet the Geeks" — Sarah



Sarah is a digital illustrator who’s been drawing since she was physically capable and whose resume includes some super fancy stuff, like illustrating a children’s book. She’s done t-shirt designs and has even drawn every single Pokemon in generations one and two, but her true passion lies in Doritos. Well, and comics.

Read more.

Shout out to people who have been following me long enough to appreciate the doritos reference, you guys are the real mvps.


Not sure if doritos wants to come back

We have a great new reward tier for anybody who hasn’t checked it out yet!! *_*

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