Commissions are still open! Regardless of slots, I’ll be closing them in a week. :’) They’ll be closed for the foreseeable future after that, so if you’re after one, let me know! ♥

As always, thanks for looking!


HELLO FRIENDS, time for another installment of “please trade me your dollars”!

As you might remember I recently invested in a rather large and dangerous tablet, and as much as I love it unconditionally, it’s time for it to earn its keep.

Here are some examples (starring Ginny’s characters!)

Half-figure, simple cel shading.

This time, I’m offering free 5x7 prints with your commission! You just have to provide me with a shipping address and I’ll have a print sent to you.

I can also send 8x10 prints, but those will come with an extra $2.00 fee.

My commission process is pretty straightforward! But if you’re interested in my full terms of service, here is a page with everything spelled out.

Extra stuff:

  • I take payment up front! Payment must be completed and confirmed before I can begin.
  • I’m only doing this kind of image this time around, to keep things simple! But I can add additional characters (doing so will double the cost, though!)
  • Feel free to message me on tumblr with questions or requests, but if you want to be absolutely certain your message reaches me, my email is the best option.

Thanks for looking guys!! Even if you’re not interested, I really really appreciate any read throughs/reblogs/etc. <3!

Let me know if you’re interested!

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Heeere is a late birthday gift for my Dragon Wife !! I had big plans for this but I haven’t got the hang of the uh…thing I wanted to do. So just the painting, haha.

Scribbling with some brushes I made for a larger project! Tentative plans to improve and make these available, we’ll see.




I’ve finally got some made and ready to send to you guys! They’re $2 a piece (+ $1.50 for domestic shipping to cover stamps and stationary, $3.50 for overseas), printed on cardstock, and laminated for a little extra durability. All orders come with a personalized letter of thanks! 

Click here to buy them at my Storenvy! Thank you again for your patronage guys! u v u <3

Hey guys, I’m selling my first batch of Adventure Time bookmarks! Give ‘em a perusal if you’re interested! <3

I have the Marceline/Marshall Lee one! *_* SO CUTE.


I’m offering illustrations in the noodle-limbed style of shows like Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors!

$20 gets you…
♥ One character in noodle style
♥ Full-body
♥ Full color 
♥ An accessory, animal, etc. (within reason!)

♥ Add a second person for $10
♥ Add simple animation for $5


I ask that payment be delivered via Paypal up front. I can’t start your noodle until it goes through!

Want something special, or have a question? I’d love to talk with you about it! You can email me at ginny.diguiseppi@gmail or send me a tumblr ask (but sometimes those disappear, so if I don’t answer, please follow-up!)

Even if you don’t want to buy a commission, you can help me out by reblogging and sharing this post! :D Thanks guys!


Someone in a stream asked for this and I tripped over myself to draw it because self-indulgent alternate costumes are my lifeblood

(This character is from Cucumber Quest.)

A few doofy Leoos, from left to right most to least accurate.

A couple commissions for my bro Hoku! B) These were both super fun <3

Waaas gonna enter the Ava’s Demon contest but then…u kno

stuff and things.

I have been trying to find more of your artwork since I saw you at a booth at animazement last year. I grabbed a whole bunch of stickers from you like the one of your Shelleder. I was wondering if you still sold them?

Hi! So glad you like my work!
I do still sell them! All gen 1 and 2 stickers (as well as the rest of my con merchandise) are available in the store.