I would rather the centaurettes from Fantasia were getting all fancy so they could go flirt with the mermaids in Neverland’s lagoon.

(don’t say 


Commission for Deyan (Crowspeaker on dA) of their character Kye! 

Not having to draw hair frees up a lot of time for color/lighting fun, heh. 

1-hr-contest entry for Ginny B) 

It’s been so long since I’ve entered the contest, and EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN ME


I missed cloududart's birthday recently. So obviously I decided to fix it by insulting her dog.

I have exactly 0 words to describe my FEELINGS ABOUT THIS MASTERPIECE ???

"In basement dark, screen-lit upon her chair,
The lovely Sarah, who disdains to rest
Creates a string of masterpieces rare
Each without question better than the best

But when admirers come to pay respect,
‘Tis not toward Sarah they direct their praise
But toward the fuzzy pup who reigns unchecked
“Dog Vinci,” they say, painting all his days

A cruel master Leonardo is,
Enslaving dearest Sarah at her work
And claiming all her artistry as his
Accepting all with loveless canine smirk

So when in hist’ry books, dog Vinci lasts,
Remember Sarah, and her thankless tasks”


Mayumi Nose

supuru replied to your post: scary werewoof

i like how Chewy my werewalf is the complete opposite of ur wolf lmao! ugh so good!!

HHH excellent!! I love every woof in the rainbow \*___*/ 

(and, in fairness, I probably draw max much more scary and cool than is uh

appropriate for this character)



scary werewoof

1940 [Amplive Remix]
The Submarines
15,503 plays


The Submarines — 1940 [AmpLive Remix]

Speaking of ocs! Here are some scribbles from over the past few months. I am a neglectful OC parent