I’m offering illustrations in the noodle-limbed style of shows like Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors!

$20 gets you…
♥ One character in noodle style
♥ Full-body
♥ Full color 
♥ An accessory, animal, etc. (within reason!)

♥ Add a second person for $10
♥ Add simple animation for $5


I ask that payment be delivered via Paypal up front. I can’t start your noodle until it goes through!

Want something special, or have a question? I’d love to talk with you about it! You can email me at ginny.diguiseppi@gmail or send me a tumblr ask (but sometimes those disappear, so if I don’t answer, please follow-up!)

Even if you don’t want to buy a commission, you can help me out by reblogging and sharing this post! :D Thanks guys!


Someone in a stream asked for this and I tripped over myself to draw it because self-indulgent alternate costumes are my lifeblood

(This character is from Cucumber Quest.)

A few doofy Leoos, from left to right most to least accurate.

A couple commissions for my bro Hoku! B) These were both super fun <3

Waaas gonna enter the Ava’s Demon contest but then…u kno

stuff and things.

I have been trying to find more of your artwork since I saw you at a booth at animazement last year. I grabbed a whole bunch of stickers from you like the one of your Shelleder. I was wondering if you still sold them?

Hi! So glad you like my work!
I do still sell them! All gen 1 and 2 stickers (as well as the rest of my con merchandise) are available in the store.


ive been watching bob ross videos pretty much every night now and so i decided to trY„, to paint along with hi m„, ,

its been pretty fun, though ive had to improvise here and there since im not„, using real brushes haha

but yeah 10 / 10 would recommend, hes great ;v;

Hiii. I was wondering what box you used for your sticker box? Q v Q. I'd love to know~ Was thinking about making one (but for my keychains!) :3

This is the exact box!

Now that I’ve had it a while, a couple issues I have with it for this purpose have shown up (specifically, the tabs where the dividers are supposed to slide in. If the box came with as many dividers as there are spaces for dividers, it would be fine - but as it is, the tabs without a divider sit on the bottom and create friction trying to slide the folders in and out.) And the lid is a little finicky, I don’t really suggest this for use where it’ll end up upside down. Other than that, I still love the sticker box.

→geekiarchy: Bringing Talented Geeks Together

Just 3 hours left and $1,300 to go! If each of my followers donated 75 cents, we would reach our goal. ;o;

Thanks to everyone who has donated and signal boosted so far !!


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