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i like how Chewy my werewalf is the complete opposite of ur wolf lmao! ugh so good!!

HHH excellent!! I love every woof in the rainbow \*___*/ 

(and, in fairness, I probably draw max much more scary and cool than is uh

appropriate for this character)



scary werewoof

1940 [Amplive Remix]
The Submarines
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The Submarines — 1940 [AmpLive Remix]

Speaking of ocs! Here are some scribbles from over the past few months. I am a neglectful OC parent

For my birthday Chaos drew my old 2009 purple anthro llama space hero supermodel character (unironic. All of it) and it made me…do this.

This was a character that I *very* pointedly tried to avoid making too anime or too ridiculous, but that was futile since…purple llama with a wig. And human lips. And a space suit. And also this is my destiny

So yeah no now I guess I am distanced enough to embrace the ridiculous indulgence in this design. ~*~*~unleash the shoujo sparkles~*~*~

actual dream that I actually woke up from this morning

I woke up because there was another cintiq sitting on the desk across the room and I was like “wait, there’s no way I could afford two? THIS can’t be real” and I always wake up when I realize I’m dreaming

Homucifer, while we’re at it 

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I love how you draw her!

zackri replied to your photoset “I made a mistake and went looking at jake wyatt’s bubblegum crisis…”

I continue to adore your art. Great work.

Thank you so much!! Ahh *_*

I made a mistake and went looking at jake wyatt’s bubblegum crisis concepts, and then I could do nothing else until it was out of my system

but marceline is never out of my system.


SUPER UNINTENTIONALLY BRIGHT SPACE LLAMA for my dear cloudy ( cloudedart ) cause its her bIRTHDAY !! or…. was….. an hour ago…. cRIES  im sorry icouldnt make it better had to go fast ;o;

ily bro, thank you so much for being such a great friend all of these years and i hope you had a great birthday celebration ! ;3; <3


uuugh CHAOS she looks amazing and I just