Trying to loosen up, I’m supposed o be making commission examples but I haven’t actually DRAWN anything in like 3 days aaaaa

YO I got the map for Animazement artist alley! So here’s me and some people I’m excited to see again from last year!

M10 is my sweeeet neighbor from last year with the most precious art!! uvu
M25 is M.a.D. Hatters, a friendly mom and daughter table with lots of hats!!
M33 is a loser table. do not come here. (no come here. stay here)
M44 is DiZZiNESS and besides being super nice, has a really great style and I have her art on my wall! *_*
M45 is Eldanis, ALSO SUPER SWEET, ALSO REALLY GR8 AT ART, the only reason I didn’t keep returning to this table last year like an addict jonesing for more sweet sweet graphite prints is because I couldn’t afford to leave my own table.

So if you’re coming to artist alley, skip the escalator, walk down one set of stairs, walk down another one, STOP HALFWAY, turn to your left. You will be staring at me. I will be staring at you. Our eyes will meet. Our gazes will lock.The universe will pass. And a whispery voice in the back of your brain will beckon buy my prints

Post two:

Photo 1: The pikachu plush mentioned in this post !! I traded it for the linked sketch of Miku, which…even though I price a sketch like that a few dollars more than what the plush was priced, I think I still got the better end of that deal @_@

Photo 2: Companion Cube and Space core necklaces :’D Traded for a sketch of “Panty (from psg) being slutty with [historical figure]” which, needless to say, is probably the greatest commission prompt of all time. I picked Luigi, of the Mario Bros, but unfortunately neglected to take a picture of the sketch before trading it. :C

Artists of the work in the last two photos are from Tofustache!

Photo 3: I ran (not walked) to buy these keychains after spotting them from afar, then walked down to the Dizziness table. After a few minutes of chatting, the artist spotted my blitzle keychain and handed me five dollars to run down and buy her one. The art is SO CUTE that it would compel someone to hand a complete stranger five of their dollars to walk out of sight with, maybe never to be seen again. (Ofc I bought the keychain and returned, and it was the last one.) TRUE STORY but anyway uhh, unfortunately I didn’t end up with the artist’s card. :CC

Photo 4: I bought this from an artist my followers are probably familiar with, Sakky, who runs Senshistock! She was running around in a bathing suit selling like, 3,000 stock photos on a usb for $20, and I decided to purchase one after like, the first 15 seconds of her sales pitch. I use Senshistock all the time, well worth it BDb

Photo 5: Aaand finally, I traded two of my MLP keychains for these adorable Misty and Oak charms! :’D With Kurisu on dA.

First bunch of things I got at Animazement this year..o3o

Photo1: All the things!

Photo 2: A gorgeous original print by the equally gorgeous Danielle Sylvan!

Photos 3, 4 and 5: Three fantastic prints by Julia Lichty of!

Photo 6: Two adorable unicorn prints by Dizziness! And that shiny button was for a favor (I ran a little errand for her while her tablemate was away, haha)

Photo 7: I’m not sure who did this bookmark actually, there were like three artists at the table, and I picked up two business cards that both say “digital illustrator” so I’ll just link them both~ Michele Wilson and Newsha Ghasemi

Photo 8: I am so, SO SAD that I don’t seem to have the business card of this artist ;__; And I can’t read the signature, it’s so tiny. She came by my table on Friday (dressed as a fabulous Dean Winchester, no less) and seemed really nice. Later on my mom and sister both came back from her booth telling me how fantastic the work was. I didn’t get a chance to leave the table until late Saturday, and they were right ;o; Fantastic work. She even gave me a “fellow artist discount” of like 30%, which was CRAZY and I felt bad that I didn’t see her again/get to offer something of mine in return. Augh. If I find the card while unpacking I’ll make a separate post for gushing.

Edit: OH HEY, someone messaged me with her name! Head on over to and take a look!

Photo 9: Another artist I didn’t end up with the card for :CC We traded on Sunday after the alley had closed, so we didn’t have cards out to trade. Anyway, I have resolved to draw BatFinn at some point in time.

Photo 10: I traded for this hat with a very sweet mother and daugher duo, with the best company name ever (MaD Hatters)

Post two incoming. :U


Went to my first Con - Animazement in Raleigh, NC. Much fun looking at all the amazing costumes but almost zilch in the way of knittery to ogle. Even less for sale amongst the vendors (one ‘loom knit’ Jayne hat and a couple of places had crocheted amigurami - nothing very imaginative). MUST MUST MUST get my act together and have a vendor booth next year!

Heyyyy it’s Joe (my sister’s boyfriend) wearing the promotional hat for our booth! And that’s the FANTASTIC Arcanine fursuit that came by and drew a picture of Arcanine for me! ;o;

A commission I just finished! Wooooo

Megan took the liberty of uhh…improving upon some of our damaged stickers from last year. She then asked if we could put it on the table with a “free to a good home” sign. Animazement tag, any takers

get it


eh? eh?

Unrepentant FMA fangirl here

may touch this up before going to print but it’s done for now @_@/

I now present the reason 99% of all jackets i design have popped collars