fuck omg this suddenly looks really really gaudy haha I DON’T THINK IT’S SALVAGEABLE BUT I SPENT SO LONG ON IT it’s printing anyway

I have never done so much work for a fandom I’m not even in? this print had better sell

my mom gave me a toy that included a rubber band and i promptly put a HUGE WELT on my right index finger the very day that I resolve to finish all my animazement prints

I need to be locked up i am a danger to myself and to others

Another pony for Ginan.

OK GINNA I think this one is better.

Lost a kitag, drew Ginna a shitty pony, won a kitag, drew her a better one! :U


Ginna’s pony!

(Source: cloudedart)

Rainbow Dash!

Pinkie Pie!

Couldn’t come up with a better way to handle her hair…so, this!


(Sorry new followers, this blog will be about fan art from now until after May hehehe)