my mom gave me a toy that included a rubber band and i promptly put a HUGE WELT on my right index finger the very day that I resolve to finish all my animazement prints

I need to be locked up i am a danger to myself and to others

I stayed home from the hospital today, planning to get some work done, but as soon as I had a second of down time the stress hit me like a truck. I slept all day.

Anyway, as it turns out today was dad’s last day at the hospital, so that’s certainly a releif. Forced myself to hop back in the saddle (get it i’m already making puns…SADDLE it’s a horse pun…..ok good) by scribbling out a MLP print concept. Idk how it’ll turn out.

19 days til con.

Another pony for Ginan.

OK GINNA I think this one is better.

Lost a kitag, drew Ginna a shitty pony, won a kitag, drew her a better one! :U

Spearmint for Ginna’s friend~ Another failed Kitag.

Ponies belonging to Ginan and her boyfriend O:

(Source: cloudedart)

Rainbow Dash whale by Megan