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Had some time to do some animation for fun, tonight. Always wanted to animate a vulpix!

Forgot the white chest. Genetic variation.




I vividly remember a few moments from when I was growing up that - as corny as it sounds, felt like they’d altered my life a little bit. One was when I was six years old and I watched The Little Mermaid for the first time and the other: Sailor Moon when I was 13. I can’t even describe how much they blew my young mind and I’m sure they’re some of the biggest influences that nudged me into art. 

Both have a certain reverence with me and as much as I drew them growing up neither of them are something I’ve painted now that I’m all grown up, there’s definitely a feeling that whatever I paint won’t do justice to it but; I adored Sailor Moon from the very first second I saw it on tv. I would wake up at the crack of dawn before school to watch this and then race home again afterwards to watch the repeat. I think it’s about time I paid homage to one of my favourite anime’s ever; Sailor Moon!
I am also totally effing stoked for the reboot coming soon!
Photoshop CS5 & Wacom Intuos 5


drawing challenge: draw something thats not dramatic in a dramatic way

i hope i did well

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how to make an oc - by jam 

man after my own heart



Marodra and Caterbra! 

its offical, Marodra is my favourite of the ones ive done :) i love lionfish, so i thought I’d try and use them for the fins. 

seriously guys, it’s so much fun!

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1 Hour Painting by ~mikadove

Brooding eyes, cheekbones and swooshy hair. This artist investigated and swiftly abused all my weaknesses.

Also for doing just a plain impressive job in 1 hour, ~mikadove is One Hour Contest host for this week! *_*

1 hour contest entry, El by ~Bl1zzy

Another contest entry! *v* just fyi, today’s the last day to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight tonight.