I’ve finally got some made and ready to send to you guys! They’re $2 a piece (+ $1.50 for domestic shipping to cover stamps and stationary, $3.50 for overseas), printed on cardstock, and laminated for a little extra durability. All orders come with a personalized letter of thanks! 

Click here to buy them at my Storenvy! Thank you again for your patronage guys! u v u <3

Hey guys, I’m selling my first batch of Adventure Time bookmarks! Give ‘em a perusal if you’re interested! <3

I have the Marceline/Marshall Lee one! *_* SO CUTE.


I’m offering illustrations in the noodle-limbed style of shows like Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors!

$20 gets you…
♥ One character in noodle style
♥ Full-body
♥ Full color 
♥ An accessory, animal, etc. (within reason!)

♥ Add a second person for $10
♥ Add simple animation for $5


I ask that payment be delivered via Paypal up front. I can’t start your noodle until it goes through!

Want something special, or have a question? I’d love to talk with you about it! You can email me at ginny.diguiseppi@gmail or send me a tumblr ask (but sometimes those disappear, so if I don’t answer, please follow-up!)

Even if you don’t want to buy a commission, you can help me out by reblogging and sharing this post! :D Thanks guys!


Someone in a stream asked for this and I tripped over myself to draw it because self-indulgent alternate costumes are my lifeblood

(This character is from Cucumber Quest.)


ive been watching bob ross videos pretty much every night now and so i decided to trY„, to paint along with hi m„, ,

its been pretty fun, though ive had to improvise here and there since im not„, using real brushes haha

but yeah 10 / 10 would recommend, hes great ;v;


I think if Daenerys and Missandei lived in today’s world they’d just hang out and talk about boys.


eli and daniel requested i draw maleficent in palette eight haha

i rly…. dont like it and i quit on the horns LOL but im just trying to practice more so ! i will do better next time ;v;


painting practice featuring my character i havent drawn in quite a while — his name is winter haha ( this is him like three years ago for comparison im laughing really a loT )

you should high res it cause its huge and i apparently hate myself



somehow jhyrr and raiakin became hipsters and started dating I guess


I drew our FR dragons… What am I doing with my life.