A couple dragons I’ve done recently from pretty opposite ends of the spectrum

The top one is for Not Literally, the bottom is a wip commission from a private client.

Overflow commission from Anime USA! I finished it a whiiiile back, but the commissioner just ok’d it, so here’s a phone pic.

Doing this at home gave me the opportunity to play with more pencils than I would’ve at a con, so it was a lot of fun.

Some art from Tsubasacon! The bottom three are commissions and the top one is a timed drawing from the prompt “dinosaur sword fights in space” courtesy of Michael Mayne’s art jam panel on Saturday!

Tsubasacon was great, as always. I’ve got a limited button supply left, that should be up on Storenvy in the coming days!

Ninetales commission!

Commission for not-yet-defined here on tumblr, Eido on FR! /o/ of their pearlcatcher.

More rainbow dragons! I’m taking one of these commissions for only 25kT on Flight Rising. :T I need fake cash!

Still taking commissions for these, only now they’re 85kt on FR or $10 USD. 3 slots!

Blitz for Katie!

The last commission uvub

Commission of this really cute design by doodleloser *_* AN OTTERBIRD

Commission for Tawreh of her fursona! The bedroom eyes were unintentional u__u

Commission for Katie of her fursona Kiwie! uvu