→Pokemonathon Stream!!

DRAWING UNTIL…3 am probably. I’ve got fifteen more pokemon to do until I’m DONE so I’m gonna just work straight through!

Come keep me company! <3

I cannot believe this enabling right now (no omg thank you ??)

Button Makers?!

Hi guys! I’m in the market for a button maker! I’ve done minimal research on this subject in the past, but now (call it uninspired pessimism or unabashed laziness, your choice) I’d rather just adopt the opinions of any tumblrites that feel like sharing their wisdom.

The main thing I’m concerned about is durability (of both the machine and the end product.) Also, I’m probably going to end up going with whatever size has the most affordable and readily available button components. Secondary to these concerns is the price. I’d like to get one of those fancy circle cutters in addition to the button maker, but IIRC those aren’t cheap either and I’d hate to spend more than a few hundred for all this.

Anybody have a button maker they like/dislike? Any horror stories about like. Lost fingers or freak button making accidents. Let me hear them

So little to do, I’ve taken up sculpting

Kneel. All of u. kneel to my hobbit army

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Okay okay okay I know this is SUPER boring for 99% of you, but for my peeps that did the charizard puzzles with me this is VERY APPEALING TO LOOK AT

oMG I was looking through my sent emails attachments and noticed that the final version for a project I had (begrudgingly) taken on for my Aunt that was SUPPOSED to be titled “Peace on Earth” was titled ‘Peeve on earth.pdf’ AND IM LAUGHING REALLY HARD AT MY ACCIDENTAL HONESTY

Sometimes the angles I pick just aint that cute

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