I’m hosting the 1-hr-contest again! WOO

This week’s character is Byrony! Seen in these old pieces being cute, grave robbing, and being cute again, in that order

Just like last time, I’ll be drawing a one hour piece for the winner of my contest, as a little extra incentive!! Check out the 1-hr-contest page for details on how to enter.

(don’t say 


Commission for Deyan (Crowspeaker on dA) of their character Kye! 

Not having to draw hair frees up a lot of time for color/lighting fun, heh. 

1-hr-contest entry for Ginny B) 

It’s been so long since I’ve entered the contest, and EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN ME

scary werewoof

Speaking of ocs! Here are some scribbles from over the past few months. I am a neglectful OC parent

For my birthday Chaos drew my old 2009 purple anthro llama space hero supermodel character (unironic. All of it) and it made me…do this.

This was a character that I *very* pointedly tried to avoid making too anime or too ridiculous, but that was futile since…purple llama with a wig. And human lips. And a space suit. And also this is my destiny

So yeah no now I guess I am distanced enough to embrace the ridiculous indulgence in this design. ~*~*~unleash the shoujo sparkles~*~*~

Homucifer, while we’re at it 

I made a mistake and went looking at jake wyatt’s bubblegum crisis concepts, and then I could do nothing else until it was out of my system

but marceline is never out of my system.

Quickly touched up a rejected thumb from a Madoka print I’m working on! The final will have a lot of the same elements but a different feel, I’m hoping.