Some commissions from Tsubasacon!

1: Commission of sburbox's characters for Amarilly! :’D 

2. Commission for detriex of their oc!

3 and 4 are commissions for clients without tumblr/dA (y)

Tsubasacon was a blast, as usual! Can’t wait for next year ♥

Reward piece done in an hour for the winner of my contest! Another witch who uses hypnosis.

Enter her contest here~*~*

a little warm up doodle! This character is almost a year old! DANG

Commission for Audley on dA! Of their oc.

I’m hosting the 1-hr-contest again! WOO

This week’s character is Byrony! Seen in these old pieces being cute, grave robbing, and being cute again, in that order

Just like last time, I’ll be drawing a one hour piece for the winner of my contest, as a little extra incentive!! Check out the 1-hr-contest page for details on how to enter.

(don’t say 


Commission for Deyan (Crowspeaker on dA) of their character Kye! 

Not having to draw hair frees up a lot of time for color/lighting fun, heh. 

1-hr-contest entry for Ginny B) 

It’s been so long since I’ve entered the contest, and EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN ME

scary werewoof

Speaking of ocs! Here are some scribbles from over the past few months. I am a neglectful OC parent