A couple commissions for my bro Hoku! B) These were both super fun <3

Waaas gonna enter the Ava’s Demon contest but then…u kno

stuff and things.

Here is a little pink lemonade themed belated birthday art for chaos7 because she’s the BEST

Commission for Chaos of her moth man ! And a bunch of off model lookin’ sketches, because I love you (Chaos, but I also probably love anyone reading this)

A couple more commissions!

Some commissions I’ve done!

Giant um…croc…monster painting thing! Before bed.

my blog sure is a mixed bag !!

Redesign/redraw of the Haunted Woods team, because….I am garbage.

I’ve always taken vague issue with the official art not being um…pushed enough, design wise? Or something? I just want Krell to be a giant scary beast so while we’re losing games we can take solace in how badass the team looks. Idk guys. take me as I am

More seriously though, redesigning neopets characters is such a fun character exercise!

Lost a kitag to Dragon last night and so I drew this for warmup/payment u___u 
Speaking of, due to misfortune, Dragon lost all her tumblr followers/blog posts! So if you enjoy great art and great people, go re-follow her tumblr! Because I know you were following beforehand, my followers all have excellent taste B)

Some little draggo adopts I got carried away with yesterday! all these claws belong to me.