Sometimes you just gotta draw character pics inspired by lyrics

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FINALLY got back to work enough to finish all the gen 2 sketches!! Here’s a small Lugia done while I was trying to decide what pose to actually draw it in.

someone was like “draw a centaur day” and I took the liberty of adding “exaggerated anatomy curly dappled ginger” between “draw a” and “centaur”

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””“20 minute”“” art trade with Ginny!! Of Dorodraws’ Aladdin genderbend cause uh. dang. dang.

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First post from my new laptop! \*_*/

Getting back to work after taking a week break is…tough. I thought I’d “warm up” by doing some flight rising fan art but now it is 11:30 and I wanted to be in bed by 12. hm. hhhhmmmmmmmmm.

I always have a hard time nailing down a design for Qandisa (the top one) cause she was a gift and anything less than The Greatest Design Ever will be a travesty.


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