For my birthday Chaos drew my old 2009 purple anthro llama space hero supermodel character (unironic. All of it) and it made me…do this.

This was a character that I *very* pointedly tried to avoid making too anime or too ridiculous, but that was futile since…purple llama with a wig. And human lips. And a space suit. And also this is my destiny

So yeah no now I guess I am distanced enough to embrace the ridiculous indulgence in this design. ~*~*~unleash the shoujo sparkles~*~*~

Redesign/redraw of the Haunted Woods team, because….I am garbage.

I’ve always taken vague issue with the official art not being um…pushed enough, design wise? Or something? I just want Krell to be a giant scary beast so while we’re losing games we can take solace in how badass the team looks. Idk guys. take me as I am

More seriously though, redesigning neopets characters is such a fun character exercise!


a little something for cloudedart for losing in a kitag!! It’s her cute zombie korbat. ; v ;

Some neopets for my friiiends for examples!

Viv and Raia belong to Ginny, Hunky goat man Winter belongs to Chaos <3



somehow jhyrr and raiakin became hipsters and started dating I guess

For warmup I drew a neopet because I have drawn ALMOST the entirety of gen 2 in a few weeks and if there is such a thing as too much pokemon fan art drawn at one time…I may be approaching it

This design features many of my weaknesses. So many, in fact, it turned a “15 minute sketch” into a several hour painting that I’ve been lovingly tweaking and gazing at over the past three days

Anyway, kitag gift for Ginny cause she was a super babe to me recently (as always) and we had a super productive day accomplishing all sorts of stuff!
This is her woodland uni design and it’s…all I’ve ever wanted

don’t touch me. don’t look at me. don’t think about me

I’ll post a better version of this when it’s…better! I’m working on it in 15 min increments between actual work, and also hating life because I haven’t’ motivated myself with neopets since middle school, help me.

I’ve gained like 200 followers in the last couple weeks, and to the new folks I say welcome!

but I also want to shout out the bros that go ALL the way back…if this isn’t the first time you’ve seen me draw an anthropomorphized purple llama in a space suit, you’re very dear to my heart ♥

ghost draik warmup.